Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raw, a new data viz playground

update here

after playing around with Gephi this weekend, I could not have been more excited by this tweet

Auto-format your data for nested charts in using by

Raw, created by the Research Lab of the Politecnico di Milano will take your CSV and convert to nested data for all sorts of pretty pretty graphs that cannot be done easily in Gephi.  The best thing is that you can quickly switch between graphs to determine which sort best visualizes the argument you wish to make with your data  (#morethanprettypictures)!

Since I had my data in CSV file from the weekend, I threw it in and created this.  I wish there were more ways to manipulate the look, but still this FABULOUS  Alluvial diagram shows both with whom  Carolee Schneemann corresponded with from 1956-1968 and the chronological aspects of that correspondence (thicker = greater)

 for comparison, similar data (longer date range) in Gephi, which is nice for showing that the majority of her correspondence (as represented in the edited volume) occurred with a few individuals, but pretty useless for looking at the chronological distribution of that correspondence or how who she corresponded with changed over time.

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  1. Hi! It seems that links in your visualization have not showed up at all. It is a known issue on our alluvial diagrams (sorry about that!). Basically, when you have an high number of categories, you have to increase visualisation's height or to decrease the padding.

    Hope this is useful,
    Michele (Raw team)